Silvestro Pistolesi


Silvestro Pistolesi was born in Florence on November, 28th 1943 and since he was young he revealed an artistic side attending first the “Scuola d’Arte” of Porta Romana and later the Cappiello Accademy. Nevertheless, he really got into his apprendiceship when he went to the painter Nerina Simi’s atelier while attending the nude course proposed by the “Accademia Delle Belle Arti” of Florence.
Later on, he met the person who will embody his grand master, Pietro Annigoni and it’s precisely by moving in his master’s atelier since 1963 that he gained his own artistic training.
His first exhibition in the London’s Arts Unlimited Gallery made him a worldwide-recognized young talent and since then he began to exhibit in many Italian and foreign towns.
His painting style, “Abstract modern-renaissance”, seams to picture some dreamlike transpositions full by wandering hermits searching for the truth, that’s for the great paintings he did in the atelier with the tempera grassa. Then he flooded his live-made oil sketches with light before reaching the antique higher artistic expression through depicting huge walls with the difficult but fascinating fresco technique.
He alsoportrayed the Professor Cooley of Huston, the Cardinale Stickler (Vatican’s librarian) and the Holy father Pope Giovanni Paolo II amongst others.
Some relevant sees such as the Abbazia di Montecassino, the Santuario della Vema and the Abbazia di Vallombrosa wall worthy great public works.