Church of Transfiguration - Cape Cod, Orleans (MA)

This is the most important cycle of the Maestro Pistolesi’s frescoes, a master hand of this difficult technique. The latter will include frescoed walls in some famous churches among which the Abbey of Montecassino and the Monastery of the Verna. The affreschi inside the Church of the Transfiguration started in 2001 needing substantive undertaking even for the preparation which took place in Florence’s atelier; first crafting an overall sketch and then drawing every single character either the entire figure or with the details (face, hands and so on).Was soon as all the preparatory studies are done, the Maestro goes into the place and starts the out-and-out frescoes ;

first with the cleaning of the overall cardboard which, once it has been incised to make a hole on it, will be recovered with colored powder and immediately stuck on the wall to draw an overall trace. Next, day after day, the “tagliata” should be chosen, it is nothing more than the piece of plaster so called veil upon which the artist will paint directly with natural pigments which will incorporate in the wall.This great pictorial cycle is composed of 13 plasterboards ( dimensions cm. 390x270 each)for every nave. They alternatively depict scenes of Jesus life and “Beati”(blessed) scenes. Under these plasterboards and above the columns are placed the “vele 12” which are frescoed too and depict Bible characters.

The end of the handicrafts is scheduled for June 2010 on the occasion of the Church of the Transfiguration tenth anniversary’s celebration. An exhibition is planned to the Cape Cod museum. There, the studies will be exposed such as the procedure to realize the “affreschi”.

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